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Our Policies
Making a Reservation

To make a reservation request, please fill out the form on our Rental Inquiries page – the more information you can provide the better we can assist you! After receiving your request, we will confirm item availability and contact you to proceed with your rental order. Please note, a minimum $40.00* order balance is required. An additional 15% fee, (of total order balance,) may be applied to last-minute bookings, (bookings made within two days of pick up or delivery).

*If it's been more than one business day since your inquiry, please check your "spam" folder for our response.

See below for additional information.

We are currently accepting the following payment options: 
- e-Transfer *preferred

- cash (in-person at ShorttCake, in the exact amount due – address will be provided)
- credit card payment (*additional fee may apply, in-person at ShorttCake, with identification – address will be provided)
The invoice will detail all charges. A non-refundable reservation deposit of 50% of the total rental order is required to reserve your rental items and date. The remaining balance owing, less the reservation deposit, will be due prior to, or no later than, pick up or delivery. (e-Transfers are to be received prior to pick up or delivery.)
Rental Period 

Rental fee for Décor, Gatherings Packages, Reception Packages, Serve Ware, Signage, and Theme Party Packages is based on a "two-day" rental period. If needed, we may be able to accommodate extensions or adjustments to this time frame (additional fees may apply). Possession time of rental items before and/or after your event may vary or be adjusted after initial inquiry to accommodate item demand.


Item delivery and/or pick up for Décor, Gatherings, Reception Packages, Serve Ware, Signage, and Theme Party Packages may be available, please inquire if needed (additional fees may apply). Drop off and/or pick up location must be within a reasonable distance from vehicle access and be easy to traverse. Delivery does not include item setup and/or decoration, pick up does not include décor teardown or pack up. In the event of a venue change, additional delivery and/or pick up fees may apply. Please keep in mind, many venues do not allow you to leave items onsite after an event for next day pick up and we are unable to accommodate late night pick ups for any of our Backdrops, Décor, Gatherings Packages, Props, Reception Packages, Serve Ware, Signage, or Theme Party Packages.


*Terms and conditions regarding Backdrops and Props, including rental time frame, may vary and can be confirmed upon rental inquiry.
Order Changes or Cancellations – Please inquire for our policies regarding Covid-19 

The reservation deposit is non-refundable. Added items are subject to availability and an additional deposit may be required. The original reservation deposit will not be adjusted if items are removed from the rental order. While we will always try our best to accommodate modifications and additions to your rental order, any items being removed from the rental order within 14 days of the event will be charged at full rental rates. Once a reservation is made, those rental items are no longer available to other potential customers. Our collections are rented in set quantities and we are unable to make reductions. 

If an event is cancelled within 14 days of the event date and the Renter forfeits their rental order, a cancellation fee may also be charged.

It is the responsibility of the Renter to determine any spatial issues associated with the use of larger rental items.


If applicable, it is our expectation that the Renter confirms rented items are permitted within their venue. If applicable, it is the responsibility of the Renter to acquire any permits necessary related to rental item use. 
Missing or Damaged Items 

It is our expectation that while in possession of rental items, transport containers and packaging, the Renter is responsible for them and will take care to ensure all items are returned in the same condition they were rented out in.

Please review your rental order upon pick up or delivery. If any items are missing or damaged and we are not promptly informed, it will be assumed that the item was lost or damaged while in your possession. You will be informed as soon as possible if your returned rental order has any missing or damaged items. If missing items are not located and returned to ShorttCake within two days of notice, you will be charged for their replacement. If we deem any rental items, transport containers or packaging to be damaged and/or in unrentable condition, you will be charged for repair or replacement. An invoice detailing repair and/or replacement charges will be emailed to you with payment due within seven days.


Accidents do happen, and if an item is damaged, we ask that you still return it with your rental order. 


Please note, items are regularly in use and may show some signs of wear – vintage or handmade items may show slight imperfections. 

Use backdrops, backdrop stands, props, and sign stands at your own risk. Exercise caution when attaching decorative items and be mindful of weather conditions when using outdoors, wooden items cannot get wet. The Renter is responsible for anchoring and/or weighing down items as needed.  

Our Covid-19 Response  
Though current conditions may alter your event details, our goal going forward is to help make your special moments a little more beautiful while keeping everyone's health in mind. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking every reasonable precaution to ensure a safe exchange during this time. In addition to washing products, transport containers and packaging that are soap and water safe with an antibacterial soap or disinfecting wipes, we are allowing items to air-dry.

*Rental order balance may be adjusted for promotions.

We, ShorttCake, reserve the right to make amendments or additions to these terms at any time. 

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